Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly: Review Casio ex-s770 vs. ex-z750

As I already mentioned, I have a Casio ex-z750, which had been damaged by a leak of water. That camera is still in my drawer, so I thought it would be interesting to compare both cameras side by side.

In first parts I will compare ergonomics and in the following reviews – image and video quality.

Disclaimer: these are my own opinions and impressions and might be different from yours.

Color/shape/overall looks

I must admit, that ex-s770 camera looks really stylish, especially in dimmed environment, such as a party or dinner in candle light, somewhat like a jewelry. Mine is graphite blue, but it’s almost black with a little bit of blue tint. I dunno about the red one. Comparing to silver aluminum brushed ex-z750, to my taste, the Exilim Card looks more interesting.

I must admit, that such looks can easily make one believe that they are dealing with an expensive toy, rather that a pro or semi-pro camera, which is actually true, but we want to believe otherwise. I’m pretty sure, that women should definitely like the camera.

It’s a little bit slimmer, as you can see from the picture, but, to be quite honest, I don’t understand, why make such a thin camera. Thickness of ex-z750 was just ok. Camera stood steady on a surface. Ex-s770 can stand as well, but if you want to incline it a bit, sticking something under one edge, it can tilt over easily. Also density of electronics stuck in! Oh, man, in old days I used to solder together amplifiers and home computers, and this one just scares me ;)

Ex-z750 is housed in brushed aluminum case, apparently, s770 has aluminum one as well, but it’s painted over, so it’s difficult to say what material was actually used – metal or plastics.

Size and brightness of the screen, viewfinder

The screen is exceptional (2,8”). Not only is it very bright, but also offers great resolution. If the screen of ex-s750 produced rough, pixelized picture - I simply have no complaints about the screen of ex-s770. Fonts and images of the menu look crisp and well saturated, pixels don’t catch attention.

Casio has also built in an automatic dynamic brightness control, so if the camera is exposed to, say, direct sunlight, the screen becomes brighter. And not just brighter, a lot brighter, the backlight lamp (or led) is really powerful. I think that no one will be frustrated by the quality and especially brightness of the new screen.

The screen occupies the most of the back of the camera, there is stylish “Exilim” label at the left bottom corner. You can be pretty sure, that people around you will be surprised what a huge screen your camera has. Haha.

There is no optical viewfinder in this camera. I never used the rudimentary one in the ex-z750, so I don’t care.

Grip, difference in controls

The grip is perfect, for my pretty big hands. No complaints about that. There is, however, that button, “DATA”, it’s on the top side, the most left one. Occasionally, I press it if holding camera with 2 hands. Then it enters data mode, and, as I didn’t use it yet, says, that there is no data stored in the camera and switches back to normal mode. Pity that can’t turn it off. Usually costs a couple of lost seconds. I consider this as a minor issue though.

The best improvement in controls is the red button. This one directly starts video recording. So no more hassle with the dial of Casio z-750. How much time I spent selecting the video mode, whilst should be already taking the movie instead!

Even better, in film mode you can press the shutter button, take a full quality picture and proceed with video! Great!

You cannot change zoom in video mode, but normally it’s changed via the swing button. I found it handier, that the control ex-z750 provided.

In overall, controls feel pleasant, responsive, no complaints. Same quality as ex-z750 though.

There were 2 buttons on the left side of ex-z750, where one could easily change shooting mode (burst, one by one, etc) and EX button for changing extra camera parameters.

These buttons are gone now, but the same parameters can be adjusted easily from the onscreen menu, which is not the same as options menu, but I will describe it in coming days.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Diverse objects shot with Casio Exilim ex-s770

I took some pictures of regular objects, here they are. The only picture of flowers I could take was almost in complete darkness, with assistance of flash of course.

I noticed that if the camera is in the anti shake mode, then it can set itself into ISO 800 mode and after that the image taken is incredible noisy. I wouldn't say that in dark areas it's easy to take good quality shots. However, setting camera to lower ISO levels, like 50 or 100 and putting it on a steady surface would do the trick.

Some of these pictures were taken in a children amusement park, it's roofed and lamps are the main source of light. There was although some sunlight from a window, but not a lot. So lighting conditions are rather difficult. If possible I tried to fix the camera on a surface, then let it choose longer exposure.

One of the images in the part 5 was taken in 16:9 mode, as requested.

>>> Part 1, 10 Mb, Megaupload <<<

>>> Part 2, 12 Mb, Megaupload <<<

>>> Part 3, 11 Mb, Megaupload <<<

>>> Part 4, 12 Mb, Megaupload <<<

>>> Part 5, 11 Mb, Megaupload <<< The image below has 16:9 aspect ratio (so called wide mode)

>>> 4 images of the same scene, different_iso_levels.zip, 15 Mb, Megaupload <<<

>>> Moving train, video, 4 Mb, Megaupload <<<

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Small update: 2 sample videos Casio ex-s770

Today it was wonderful weather here, so I took the opportunity to enjoy it. Here, you can see what it feels like through the glass eye of Casio ex-s770 (videos, 1x zoom):

1. Road view, cars, pedestrians, bicycles: avi, 22 Mb: rapidshare, megaupload
2. Filmed from a bike. You can see how image stabilizer works: avi, 15 Mb: rapidshare, megaupload.

Hope this weekend will find some time to describe the camera in detail and provide some more pictures as you guys request.

What I'm really curious about is to compare side by side Casio ex-z750 vs. ex-s770. I had z750 for several months a while ago until it's drowned ;( Bought shortly after an ex-z850, but video quality was disgusting, so promptly returned it back. Then had to wait. In meanwhile Casio released that firmware update for z850, but comparing results I wasn't convinced that quality has drastically improved, also view angle has decreased. Now they rolled ex-s770 out. As I still have my old not working anymore camera and its pictures/videos, let's compare them.

Sample pictures and videos Casio ex-s770

>> Download here (rapidshare, 45 Mb) <<<

Includes a night shot, several day shots and 3 movies in different zoom modes.

Videos are taken in the wide mode that matches widescreen tv proportions. Seems that video quality is the same as ex-z750 and this is cool.

Soon will post more files, so come back in a while...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some more exterior pictures

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This is approximately what the camera looks like:

It's blue graphite, but looks almost black.

Just got the camera

Hi everyone, started this blog to let you guys know my experiences with Casio ex-s770 digital camera.